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Technical Scope Writing Services

DGFA can assist subcontractors with accurate and concise technical scope writing to convey to a general contractor exactly what will be quoted on a bidding project BEFORE the day of the bid. We call these “scope letters”, and they can eliminate uncertainty and guesswork on the day a bid is due.

Similarly, we can assist general contractors with “reverse scope letters”, whereby the desired scope of work from a subcontractor can be requested BEFORE the day of the bid.

Improved pre-bid communications between subcontractors and general contractors can help avoid costly claims and delays once a project is underway, and identify errors and missing or overlapped scope before they can affect a project in a negative way.

We can also assist CM firms with accurate and project specific scope writing for bid package development, conveying the words and context that will insure a correct understanding of the project scope by the responding contractors.

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