How do we engage DGFA’s services?
Please contact us by email or phone to let us know what your needs are. If possible, send the plans files as well to help us get a better idea of your work project so we can hit the ground running.

Can we send DGFA plans electronically?
Yes, absolutely. We can import plan files directly into our software to perform takeoffs or we can have them printed as needed. Many clients send us plans to simply review for decision-making purposes and viewing since analyzing the plans onscreen is easier and less expensive and more environmentally friendly than generating paper copies. We send out our reports in PDF format, but we are happy to provide hard copies as well.

What electronic formats can DGFA accommodate?
We work with files with these formats: TIF, PDF, DWG, CAD.

Will you work on a project exclusively for one client?
Yes, but we reserve the right to charge a higher fee if asked to work exclusively.

Can you work on the same job for multiple clients?
Yes. When this happens, each client will receive the exact same quantities and other report features as all the others. Please note: we do not establish pricing for clients.

Do you maintain client confidentiality?
We will always maintain Estimator-Client privilege. Integrity, honesty, and ethics are highly valued by us, not just because it is the right thing to do, but more importantly because, our livelihood and the success of our business absolutely demand it. We operate within the American Society of Professional Estimators Code of Ethics – you can trust us with your business

How can I get an estimate of what DGFA would charge for a project?
Email the plan files and give us a call at (513) 706-7403 so we can begin to get an idea of what our fee will be for your particular project.

How does DGFA charge for its services?
We typically work on an hourly fee arrangement, but we can also work on a project fee or on a monthly fee for longer duration or ongoing assignments. To find out more about DGFA services, give us a call at 513-706-7403.

Can we see a sample project or a list of recently completed projects?
Click here to view our capability statement.

Does DGFA guarantee its work?
No. DG Frondorf and Associates LLC does not offer any guarantees and further limits our liability to the amount paid by a client for a project. Although we are humans and capable of mistakes, we strive to prevent and eliminate errors to the greatest extent possible. If these policies are not acceptable to you, please do not engage our services. Engagement of our services equals the understanding and acceptance by the client of these policies.

We respectfully disclose our Standard Disclaimer:
DG Frondorf and Associates, LLC cannot and does not provide any guarantee or warranty of the information provided or its use by the customer. DGFA HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, USE AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. The information provided by DGFA under this proposal is for informational purposes only and shall not be for the benefit of any third parties not a signed party to this proposal. Bidders and their users of this information are solely responsible for their own decisions and strategies and assume the risk of use of the information provided. DGFA liability, if any, is specifically limited to the fees paid for services provided by DGFA under this proposal. I will be pleased to discuss our services if you have any questions, or comments, or would like to request customized services. A list of references and past projects is available upon request.

Do you only work on Sitework related projects or can you also assist us on architectural and structural related scopes of work?
While we do specialize in site and civil applications (CSI Div. 2-3 and 31-33), we often are retained to provide takeoffs and estimates in other trade areas, particularly structural concrete (footer-foundations) and also building rehab projects. When working outside of our traditional service areas, we utilize the services of other consultants with specific expertise in these areas, all of whom are either CPEs or are members of CERT or ASPE and who subscribe to the recommended estimating practices and Code of Ethics established and upheld by ASPE. All work is overseen by Daniel Frondorf, CPE, CDT, and you can be confident that your project will be professionally prepared with accurate takeoffs, scope of work reviews, and up to date cost estimates.