Welcome to my blog and thanks for…

Welcome to my blog and thanks for your interest in reading my comments. Here is an update from the DGFA Facebook page regarding our 2015 activities: Another good year in the books for DGFA – we worked on numerous projects all over the country; our prime clients this year were other estimating firms whose projects we worked on as sub-consultants, but we also assisted several contractor clients with projects small to large…lots of earthwork takeoffs again this year, and several budget cost estimates too as projects went through the design cycle; we also did a fair amount of project engineering for small contractors.

This includes developing material submittals, preparing claims for additional work, doing monthly AIA billing, preparing certified payroll reports, performing site inspections to verify completed work, coordinating subcontractors and suppliers, and other technical duties; this year also saw our biggest project ever for the 2nd consecutive year.

This year’s follow up to last year’s Canadian landfill project was a full Class 1 opinion of probable cost for a municipal WWTP in northeast Ohio that we completed in less than a month, and challenged me to coordinate 4 sub consultants under the DGFA umbrella to provide a full blown cost estimate on a very complex project with all manner of bells, whistles, complicated equipment, funky structural concrete, deep site piping, and many other challenging features.

Our cost estimate was delivered on time and within budget, and our numbers proved that me and my team knew their stuff. I’m glad its over but it was fun while we were engaged. Of course, having very competent team members like Blundall Associates, CPE Estimating LLC, EWP Group, and Candels On Call Estimating made it easier to do a good job – thanks fellas and ladies – you know who you are!